Sep 23, 2009


This scary photo of Archbishop Raymond Burke and entourage is featured on William Lindsey's great blog, On Bilgrimage. Check it out!

When ever I see something like this, I have a strong, visceral reaction. I want to run as fast and as far as I can and take my children with me (if I had any). It looks very much like the picture of a gay cult, and I want to ask, "Where are the whips and chains...and what is the color of your underwear?" This photo is hilarious high camp, but it is also scary as hell, because 'these people' are capable of inflicting such harm. Simple charity and brotherly, sisterly love would demand that we have some sympathy for these poor frightened folk, but our first outpouring of compassion and concern must go to their victims (passing judgment here on all six weird figures - don't forget the intimidating figure in the portrait -on the basis of Archbishop Burke's record alone, which I learned about from On Bilgrimage). But then we have to remind ourselves that such campiness has been with the Roman Church for a long, long time and seems to be part of any institutionalized religion (well, maybe not to the same extent as the RCC). Behind the scenes, however, the Spirit of Holiness and Health, is working overtime unraveling all of the twisted strands. The signs of the Spirit in the 'Emerging Church' (thanks to Wild Reed and Enlightened Catholicism) may seem gentle and elusive, but the Spirit of Love and Justice will prevail.


William D. Lindsey said...

Jayden, you say that such campiness is part of all religions. But you have to admit that we Catholics probably do win the highest of high camp awards :-).

Such yards and yards of scarlet silk. And frilly lace. And elegant black gowns.

They positively put all that our women wear to shame.

And we're wearing the yards and yards of scarlet silk and frilly lace and elegant black gowns to assure the world that we're real men, not the disordered kind who are born with gay leanings!

colkoch said...

Personally I prefer Benedict in 6 yards of gold brocade, with two similarly clad courtiers and an altar boy with incense.

Jayden Cameron said...

You're right. That photo of Benedict is definitely 'top of the Pops!"