Sep 12, 2009


What I love about this great icon of the Resurrection is that the Risen Lord seems to be pulling a very reluctant Peter towards unity and reconciliation with a very humble Mary Magdalene. Symbolic or what? The pious gentlemen on the left seem to be saying, "What ever is the Lord thinking of, bringing that woman in here?"

(Click on image to enlarge: image can be found here)

(Br. Yossi has offered the clarification that this is really an image of the Risen Lord in Hell pulling Adam and Eve to him and out of their tombs. Makes much more sense, but I think my own 'take' on it is much more fun for us confused Roman Catholics.)


colkoch said...

Jayden where ever did you find this. Has to be of the Eastern lung of the Church because the West would put it in a deep closet in the Vatican archives. LOL

Jayden Cameron said...

Yep, you're right. I found it here:

Brother Yossi Lopez-Hineynu said...

Great blog!

Was curious where you got the description of this icon. It is, indeed, from the Byzantine Church, but it is Christ's descent into Hell, and he is pulling Adam and Eve to him.


Br Yossi

Jayden Cameron said...

Hi Br. Yossi. Thanks for the clarification. I got the description from "Salt of the Earth, an Orthodox Christian Blog" (
which inserts a photo of the icon for an April 19, 2009 posting and the description is "The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ." But I must say your clarification makes much more sense - the Lord is pulling Adam and Eve out of their tombs. However, I think my 'creative slant' on it is much more fun for us confused Roman Catholics!